Cashmere wool in a wooden basket after being harvested from Changthangi goats in Ladakh

Which is the most expensive Wool in the World

The Most Expensive Wool in the World

Curious to know the grade of cashmere? How is it different from other wool? And why is it so expensive? 

Cashmere is the world's most expensive wool and the most luxurious. It comes from a type of goat found in the mountains of central Asia. The quality of cashmere is measured by its fiber diameter, fiber length, and crimp. The higher the numbers, the finer the fabric. For example, if you hold up a strand of cashmere to the light, you'll see that it has a high level of sheen and is smooth to touch.

Is Cashmere Really That Expensive?

Cashmere wool originated in Himalayan region of Ladakh, India. This place has perfect conditions for producing cashmere which makes it most sought after around world. It's incredibly lightweight as well as warming. Cashmere wool can be spun into yarns and woven into cloth-like material giving it properties like no other textile fiber. Unlike cotton, acrylics, and synthetics which deteriorate easily with use. Ladakhi Cashmere takes a lot of time to grow which makes high demand much harder for supply to keep up with global market without raising prices even higher which could be perceived as too expensive by some customers who don't have budget for luxury item.

What Makes Grade A Cashmere So Special?

Cashmere from highlands of Ladakh is graded according to several factors which determine its quality. Some of these factors are weight, length, density, plumpness and even color. It is usually fewer than 14 microns thick which gives it an extremely soft feel. It also has longer fibers than regular wool & Cashmere from other regions which helps it stay warm. There are only about two dozen factories that produce it.

Why Is Ladakhi Cashmere So High Quality?

Cashmere from Ladakh is considered to be one of the highest quality types of wool. The high price can be attributed to how rare it is, as Cashmere goats are very difficult to find these days. Cashmere wool is collected from goats who live at higher altitudes of ladakh. These goats have more luxuriant hair because of living on such mountainous areas, where they need thicker coats to protect themselves from harsh weather conditions.

How was Cashmere first Discovered?

Cashmere wool, originating from Kashmir, is one of the most coveted materials in fashion circles. One reason for its popularity is its long-lasting quality, which means it can last 20 years without significant wear or tear if it's taken care of properly. It took decades to perfect how to shear cashmere wool without harming it and also to ensure there would be no pilling, despite inevitable handling over time.

Is pashmina and Cashmere same?

Some people refer to cashmere as pashmina, but pashmina is actually just one of many types of Cashmere made from goat hair. Pashmina is the highest grade cashmere which is originated from Ladakh region of Kashmir, Pashmina is not a size of the cloth but local name of Grade A Cashmere derived from Chagra Goats in Ladakh.

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